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Bronson Trade Show- March 14, Chicago Street School

City-wide Garage Sales- May 16

Bronson Tales- Every Friday at 11am at the Bronson Library- story time for 2-4 year-old children

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Bronson Trade Show
The Bronson Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a Bronson Trade Show on March 14 at Chicago Street School. The event will feature businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the Bronson area. Lunch will be offered from the Women's Fellowship of the First Congregational Church. 

If your business or organization would like a booth, you can email bronsontradeshow@gmail.com or contact Amanda Monroe (517-617-0612) or Terry Siler (517-369-5275).

2015 Matteson Street Improvement Project
During 2015, Matteson Street will see various improvements. Currently, engineers for the City are conducting a survey and tests on the street, the sidewalks, water mains, sewer mains, and storm sewer lines within the area of the street from north City limits to the south City limits.

Later this summer, we anticipate upgrading a section of 4-inch water main to 8-inch between Grant Street and Rudd Street. We also plan to upgrade water 4-inch water mains under Rudd Street (between Walker and Matteson) and W. Corey (between Walker and Matteson) to 6-inch mains. This will improve water flow, reliability, and aid fire protection. Depending on tests of sewer and storm sewer lines, improvements to those systems may be conducted at the same time. 

Once the underground work is complete, Matteson Street will be milled and resurfaced in its entirety. This work will most likely occur in the fall of 2015 or spring of 2016.

There will be no debt associated with this project and it is funded in part by an MDOT grant received by the City of Bronson. As we have updates, they will be posted here. 

Bronson ordinances online
The Bronson City Code, which contains the City's ordinances is available online. This is updated about once a year so there are a few recent ordinances that have not yet been uploaded. Click this link to view the code.

Bronson Banter

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Recent Council Meetings

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For more information on Bronson, Michigan. 
Bronson City Offices 141 S. Matteson St., Bronson, MI. 49028 
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Notice of Nondiscrimination

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