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Bronson City Police Department Found Property Page

Property listed on this page is property to have been found by or turned into the Bronson City Police Department.   If you believe one of the items listed is possibly yours, please contact Chief Johnson at 517-369-9083.  You will have to provide specific details or description in order to prove ownership.

If you have been sent a letter regarding the pick up of property known to be yours, you must make an appointment with Chief Johnson so property can be processed and made ready for pickup.  Your identification and the letter must be presented upon pick up.

Incident Number:         Date Found:                Description:     

2017-001070                06/02/2017                Visa Debit Card
2017-001281                06/26/2017                Bicycle
2017-001501                07/22/2017                Chairs
2017-001840                08/31/2017                Broom
2017-001909                09/08/2017                Currency
2018-000143                01/27/2018                Cell Phone
2018-000451                03/10/2018                Bicycle
2018-000481                03/14/2018                Pocket knives
2018-000837                05/04/2018                Cell phone
2018-000954                05/17/2018                Bicycle

Updated: 05/19/2018