Fire Department
The Bronson Area Fire Association (BAFA) proudly serves the City of Bronson and the following townships: Bronson, Batavia, Bethel, Noble, Gilead, and Matteson. The Bronson Fire Department is made up of 27 volunteer fire fighters.   

Chief: Scott Wilber (EMT)

Deputy Chief: Ken Stutzman (EMT)

Assistant Chief: Larry McConn

Fire Department Contact Information
Address: 124 S. Matteson Street Bronson, MI 49028
Phone: (517) 369-6475

Free Smoke Detector Offer
If you do not have working smoke detectors, live in the Bronson fire district, and would like assistance, the Bronson Fire Department will supply and install smoke detectors in your home for free (while supplies last). To schedule an appointment, call the Bronson Fire Department at (517) 369-6475.  For more information click the following link Smoke Detector Offer

Department Facebook Page

For regular updates on the Bronson Area Fire Department visit and Like their Facebook Page

Burn Permits 
In order to obtain a burn permit, please contact the Fire Department at (517) 369-6475. Please leave your information on the voicemail system as instructed.

To familiarize yourself with the applicable laws before burning, click the following link Open burning regulations in Michigan

Open burning is not allowed within the city limits of Bronson.

BAFA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy

To view the BAFA FOIA policy, click the following link BAFA FOIA Policy