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Sidewalk Repairs

posted Jun 22, 2016, 7:58 AM by admin admin
DPW crew members have been going through the process of marking sections of sidewalk throughout the City that are in need of repair and that pose a trip hazard. Per Section 34.05 of the City Ordinances, property owners are responsible for repairing sidewalk on their property. This ordinance dates back to 1935 and is common in many communities.

Once the crew has completed the assessment of the sidewalks.  Council will pass a resolution of determination directing the improvement of the sidewalks in need of repair.  Following the resolution a letter will be sent to all the affected property owners giving the owner time to make the improvements and a list of contractors they can contact. The City can also provide an interest free loan if needed. If the property owner wants to do the work themselves the City can provide a truck to haul concrete away as well as forms to pour the cement into.

If the corner or edges of the sidewalk become raised, and the sidewalk square is in good condition otherwise, the edge can be ground down to make the surface flat eliminating the trip hazard. This is often a much less expensive option for the property owner.

The goal is to prevent trip hazards and reduce liability to property owners if someone were to trip and fall.  This helps maintain a safe environment for all to enjoy without injury.  

If the property owner does not abate the issue, local ordinances provide for the City to have the repairs made at the owner’s expense. 

If anyone has questions they can contact City Hall at 517-369-7334 or stop in during our regular business hours.